Kelas Fotogrammetri

Tadi gua ada kelas fotogrammetri. disebabkan kelas itu boleh tahan boring, gua menulis:

Learning facts and new numbers,
Spectral resolutions, sharpening togethers,
Struggle hard to achieve highers,
To ensure bright in the futures,

Enter class, write down notes,
Remember formula, asking a lots,
Doing practical under the sun hots,
Maintain result as stable tripods.

Given new task also lab-sheet one,
Submit assignment be on due time,
Listen the music, follow the rhymes,
That's the methods to graduate on times.

Early morning, heavily hazes,
Single frequency with carrier phase,
GPS unit stayed save in case,
Job must precise to get praise.

Stereo image relative orientation,
Digitizing, Rescale Bilinear Interpolation,
Parallel images needs normalization,
Re-sampling solutions to get integer positions.

Partial Differentiation, Linear Al-Gebra,
Adjustment Computations as an extra,
Combine together simplified formula,
Fail to do so, next semester book your area.


  1. wahhh..sempat lagi mengarang nye...~~~~
    bt la dedikasi kat prof2 kta.. sure trharu..~~

  2. ayooo pepantun melayu dienglishkan..khelas kau maria ozawa!!