Buat Abah


I know I had done so many wrong things to you, our argue, my behavior always dissatisfied you, I had so many bad things over you. I don't know whether you can read this or not, I just want to say "Happy Fathers Day's" to you. You have tough me a lot of things in my life. Despite of your strictness, it's make me more independent thus i can survive in this adventurous life. I'm seek for your apologies for what I have been done to you. Although we are separated by distance but I always remembered you in my heart. Every time after my prayer I always pray for you, for my family so as our family will stay cherish long lasting forever.

One time when I was unpacking things from my college when the end of semester arrive, I saw someone fathers were waiting outside of the college, waiting for his son, so as he can loading his bag and things to their car. The father embarrassing to enter into the college area, I don't know why, maybe he don't want his son embarrassing of his occupation as a taxi driver. The father drove taxi to the college, so as I think their family in it also as I can see their mak, abang, and adik also. Lastly the son pujuk the father to drove the taxi into the college, and told to his father that he don't need to embarrassing of his occupation of a taxi driver, but should be proud of his son that can continued his study in university.

In that moment I really thinking of you what are you doing at home at the moment. I really missing of you and our family right now. ='(

your son, ikhwan.

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