answer and question

Why should i think of her?
Because i miss her

Why should i miss her?
Because she is my love

Why she is my love?
Because i want it to be

Why you want it to be?
Because i love her so much

Why you love her so much?
Because i like her smile, her attitude, her beautiful

Are you joking?
Not im not.

Till when you want to be with her?
Till ive got married with her

Then why you make her sad?
I dont know....

Are you just want to make her sad?
No i dont

Then why?
Because i still hold a grudge with her

Why you still hold a grudge with her?
Because she have done something that i really dislike

What have she done?
She had an affair with someone else


But it have happen a long time ago, why dont you forget and forgive her?
No im not type of that man.

What type of a man u are?
Once a thing have happen, i will never forget. Will never forget.

But all people have done some mistake, including you.
Yes, i admit i have done a mistake.

Then it is fair both of parties have done a mistake.
Not it is not fair because i never done something like she had done.

Are you sure?
Yes im very sure

Does it really hurt you of what she had done?
Yes. Really hurt.

Because she is my first ever couple. She told me about thrustness in relationship. she teach me about the wonderwall of couple. She teach me thruth, lies, forgiveness, patient. But, she done something that in a different ways of what she teach. That is really hurt!

Dont you try to forget it and give her forgiveness?
Yes i have tried, but i cant.

Lets bygone be bygone
No. Lets bygone be remembered.

So what will happen after this?
I dont know.

What do you mean by dont know?
I just accept of what have happened. If she and me are meant to be, there will be.

My advice is just forget her and find for the other one
Nope. I not just like that. She is my first ever couple and it is hard to forget her just like that.

Then you are lying with her?
Yes. I lied with her that i told her i have the her replacement, but i dont.

Why you lied to her?
To make she feel of what i have feel.

Your action will make thing worst
I dont care anymore about the relationship.

Why you do that?
I want she feel what i have feel and hold a grudge back to me, then she will find another person for my replacment. Thats what i want. I want to make her to forget me. And someday it will be over.

But your feelings? You will never forget her in that ways.
Let the feel be kept in my heart.

Are you crying?
Not im not

Man are egoistic
Yes im am just crying. But does it worth for?

Ok, im understand

Your last word?
I hope i can continue my life without her, i can forget her someday. If i were ment to be with her, i will be with her. If not thats ok. She is my first love. And i still love her. I want she to forget me. Thats all. Lets my feeling of her be my feeling forever.

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